PhD, Computer Science (Computer Communication)
Uppsala University

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I am a researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden. I am part of the Uppsala Networked Objects (UNO) research group. I received Ph.D from Uppsala University, Sweden in 2018. My advisors were Professor Thiemo Voigt (SICS and Uppsala University, Sweden) and Professor Luca Mottola (Politecnico Di Milano, Italy and SICS, Sweden).

My research interests are in designing sensing and communication mechanisms for low-power systems. To that end, I had developed the first sensor testbed equipped with electronically steerable directional antennas (IPSN 2015, SENSYS 2015). For the past two years, I have been fascinated with ultra-low power sensing and communication. My present focus is to devise mechanisms based on visible light and backscatter communication to enable new battery-free applications! For example, one of my recent research effort demonstrates a architecture that achieved the highest demonstrated range with backscatter communication (SENSYS 2017, HOTWIRELESS 2017). We achieved a range of 3.4 kilometers, while only consuming 70 microwatts to transmit at the backscatter tag.

I also enjoy teaching, and I am fortunate that during my time as a PhD student, I was given opportunity to mentor several brilliant students. Four (out of six) of these students secured PhD positions after finishing their thesis, and one won the first prize in graduate category at ACM Student Research Competition (held at ACM MOBICOM 2017).